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Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic
8-10 Queen St
NSW 2484

02 6672 1919
02 6672 1918

Dr Joan Gibbons, Dr Christine Jenkins, Dr Sam Walker and the team provide a full range of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, and have a strong interest in general surgery and surgical oncology (cancer surgery).

Soft tissue surgery is any surgery not involving bones and joints. This surgery takes many different forms, as there are many different soft tissues in the body. The type of surgery also varies with the intention of the procedure. It may be preventative (such as desexing surgery), curative (e.g. abscess surgery), diagnostic (such as taking biopsy samples to find out exactly what a type of tissue is) or palliative (e.g. reducing the size of a tumour to make an animal more comfortable).

Some common soft tissue surgeries performed at Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic are de-sexing surgery, aural haematomas, mass removals, and injury repairs.

Orthopaedic surgery is surgery on the bones and joints. We frequently perform cruciate repairs, correct fractures, and remove tumours from bone.

Every patient who undergoes surgery at Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic is given a pre-surgical examination, has intravenous fluids to support blood pressure, and is monitored closely by veterinarians and nurses before, during, and after the procedure to ensure maximum safety.