Puppy Preschool

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Puppy Preschool September 2017 - Dionne Evans

Congratulations to the students of the Murwillumbah Puppy Preschool Class of September 2017! King the Mini Poodle, Doc the Moodle, Milo a Jack Russel, Ziggy the Staffy and Ted a Kelpie x.

Puppy preschool is about understanding what your puppy needs to be well socialized, healthy, happy and how to fit into your family and their new home.  We covered the relevance of health checks, dental care, desexing, handling and grooming, parasite prevention, vaccinations, council requirements, diet, exercise and toilet training.

Puppy behaviour was discussed and the importance of environmental enrichment (keeping those puppy minds busy).

We also had in class training (of the parents) to help puppies learn their name, look, sit, come, drop and roll over. Plus there was some well earned supervised puppy play.

Well done to everyone, it has been lovely to see you and your puppy grow together over the 4 weeks.

Yours Sincerely,


Puppy Preschool August 2017 - Dionne Evans

Congratulations to the five puppies of the Murwillumbah Puppy Preschool Class of August/September 2017!

Students: Milly the Mini-foxy, Jymba a Bichonfriz, Niyah the Staffy, Drax an American Staffy and Maisie the Labrador.

Puppy preschool aims to provide a positive environment that is safe for puppies to socialize and learn. With positive reinforcement training we had puppies learning their name, to look, sit, come and drop.

Puppies are not the only ones learning, we worked with family members teaching them about puppies and how best to understand their needs and any special requirements.

In the four weeks we covered the relevance of health checks, dental care, desexing, handling and grooming, parasite prevention, vaccinations, council requirements, diet, exercise, toilet training, puppy behaviour, enrichment and finish with a tour of the clinic.

Thank you all for a wonderful 4 weeks and thanks for braving the cold nights. I look forward to seeing your puppies grow and your relationship develop with them.

Yours Sincerely,




Puppy Preschool May 2017

Just reached the end of another great 4 week Puppy Preschool course.  We had a massive class this time and what great puppies and owners came along.  With 7 in the group, lots of fun was had and lots of happy playing together, but they were really all very well behaved and had lot of fun learning.  

We covered all sorts of things during the classes such as positive reinforcement, how to come on command, how to stop pups biting fingers.  A wealth of information is given to owners verbally and in the form of a spiral folder - to use as a reference later on.

As a teacher of preschool, I could not be more proud of the efforts made by the owners - and indeed all the puppies too.  

One of the many benefits of coming to puppy preschool at a Vet clinic is that these puppies see it as a nice place to be.  This means they should not be afraid of coming in to see us - this is a benefit for dogs and owners.  They mostly drag their owners in through the front door and have lots of happy memories.  They made friends here, they got hot cooked chicken breast as rewards for doing the right thing - sitting etc. 

It is a great joy to watch them grow as time goes on.  Well done to all who attended - including the boss - Dr Joan with "Tiki" and our office manager - Robyn with "Charli" , who both have pups from the same litter.

We had attending this class, "Sooty" the Border Collie, "Mojito" the Border Collie Cross, "Rupert" the Dachshund, "Milo" the Cavooldle.  We also had "Bailey", "Charlie" and "Tiki who are all siblings and are Maltese X Shih Tzu pups.

Great work everybody.



Puppy Preschool April 2017

Well done to the latest group of puppies to complete Puppy Preschool.  It is such a pleasure to watch them interact with each other.  

They all learned lots of new things.  Each week a new task is given - so they learn to sit, stay, drop, roll over and also learn about how to have good manners.

Each pup is different, but they all benefit from consistent training and each member of the household using the same command when training.

Training sessions are best kept nice and short - so 15 minutes or so at a time.  This means they don't have the chance to get bored and lose interest.

We had 2 lovely Kelpie's and a Golden Retriever who made up the class.

Well done to the puppies and owners who put the effort in to come to the classes.

A well adjusted puppy will grow into a happy dog as they get older.

Good work to all!!

"Bailey" is the Golden Retriever and the 2 Kelpie's are "Bear" and "Albie".


Please click on this link to watch a great instructional video http://drsophiayin.com/videos/entry/how-fido-learns