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Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic
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  • Our Veterinarians
  • Dr Joan Gibbons
    B.V.Sc. (Brisbane) 1989 - Practice Owner, Certified cattle pregnancy tester, Equine Veterinary Association Member

    Special Interests: cattle obstetrics, canine medicine, fear free consulting.

    The daughter of dairy farmers hailing from Warwick, I always wanted to be a vet. As a young child I would make rugs from hessian bags for any sick calf and sneak them into the hay shed to recuperate. Dad was not particularly happy when they pooed all over the hay!!

    I graduated from Qld Uni in 1989 and count myself lucky to still love my job after 30 years. In 2015 I caught up with friends from vet school and found many of them were no longer in practice and were engaged in careers as diverse as IT and human medicine.  I started out in dairy practice in Kerang, Victoria where I learned lots of tricks for dealing with difficult calvings. Today, those skills stand me in good stead for even the most difficult bovine obstetrical case. Having “double jointed” elbows also helps!!

    My family, husband Neil and children, Charlie and Summer are my greatest joy.

    We have 3 pets, a Grey cat called Sparkles that was a birthday present for Summer in 2014 , a Tabby cat named Fiddy ( a 50th birthday gift to myself) and a Jack Russell Cross named Tiki. Fiddy and Tiki grew up together and have a great bond often playing rough and tumble games together.

    My free time is very fitness oriented.  I enjoy CROSSFIT and do extra running and swimming training for triathlon. I do Saturday triathlon during Summer as much for the camaraderie as for the personal achievement.

    At the end of 2017, myself and my husband Neil became sole owners of Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic something that is both exciting and challenging. Neil now works in the office and is training in the role of Practice Manager.

    In December 2018  we are going on a fantastic holiday to have Christmas with Neil’s family in England and hopefully a quick trip to explore Iceland. 



    Joan cropped the right way
  • Dr Christine Jenkins
    Bsc B.V.M.S - Murdoch University

    My name is Christine and I'm the newest member of the team at Murwillumbah Veterinary clinic. I grew up in Chinderah and have always been surrounded by animals.

    After accepting my early offer into vet school, I decided to get an insight into the industry and that's when Joan and Steph hired me as a vet nurse.

    After working for a year at the clinic I set off on my big adventure over to Perth to start my veterinary degree at Murdoch University. Whilst I love all creatures great & small, my passion for feline and equine medicine grew throughout my degree. Unexpectedly, I developed a particular interest in dairy goats after my part-time volunteer work as a midwife on commercial dairy farm.

    When I wasn't at uni, or I'd lost the continuous battle with my cat for space on study desk- you'd either find me out in paddock with my goat pals or in the arena riding my horse.

    Throughout my degree I maintained contact with the clinic and continued to do work placement with the Murwillumbah team. I've always love the area, the clientele and the variety of cases the clinic take part-in, that I decided to do a lot of my final training under the guidance and support of the Murwillumbah Veterinary team. As I came towards the completion of my studies, Steph and Joan offered me a position as a new graduate veterinarian, to which I was very honoured. I feel very blessed to start my career in such a beautiful part of the world, with the help of the very supportive and lovely team at the Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic.

  • Dr Christie Woolford
    BSc BVMS - Murdoch University

    I am a South Australian girl and began my veterinary interests on the blue tongue lizards on our family property, luckily for them I moved on to our guinea pigs, then cats, dogs, relatives beef cows and finally, after winning a bet with my Dad, horses. After school I moved to Western Australia as there was no vet school in Adelaide and completed my studies by the beach. Interspersed with study I spent time exploring other interests and trialled some other professions including outdoor education, handmade bags, childcare and nannying and I spent a year living in Brisbane where I met my now husband and enjoyed many weekends camping at Wooyung and falling in love with Northern NSW.

    Since graduating I have worked in a busy mixed practice in rural SA as well as locuming in the UK and along the coast. After a year backpacking the world we have moved to the tweed to grow roots and hopefully one day buy a hobby farm in this beautiful area.

    At home I have my Kelpie “Wolfe” to keep me on my toes and my Black and White moggy “Pearcy” to help keep the cockroaches at bay. When they think you’re not looking you will often find them snuggled up together in the kennel.  I love the variety that mixed practice brings and the fact that you never know where you’ll end up in a day or what type of animal may walk in through your door. Outside of work I love to practice yoga on the beach in the mornings as well as keep up my horse riding when I can. I also enjoy many an outdoor adventure and some of my hobbies include rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, spearfishing and kite surfing just to name a few. I am very excited to explore the area and enjoy many an adventure in my new home.

    Christie 2
  • Our Nurses
  • Robyn Mills
    Practice Manager

    I’m one of the newest to the team at the Clinic, but probably the oldest in age and have a long-time connection to the Tweed Valley, where I settled with my young family in 1981, having grown up in Victoria and then lived in the Northern Territory.

    Since that time, I’ve mostly lived on small acreages, including at Eungella by the banks of the Oxley for 15 years, and living for 7 years in Uki. I’ve recently moved back to the area from the Canungra area, and being back at work in Murwillumbah feels like coming home. It’s a bit of a treat to recognize so many people who visit our Clinic with their pets.

    I’m very lucky to have 7 grand-daughters which I call my ‘netball team’. I also have a very spoiled pussycat called Misha who I rescued a couple of years ago from an animal shelter. She owns my house, my couch and my bed, and I run around after her, and she thinks I’m weird. In other words, she is a typical cat. When my boys were young, we had the usual menagerie of cows, goats, birds, lizards, dogs, cats and guinea pigs. I drew the line at snakes however.  It’s interesting watching the boys with their kids trying to recreate their own menageries as well, although the eldest grand-daughter has a pet carpet snake, and I’m in no hurry to check it out!

    I have a background in organisational management, but not in the animal care industry, so it’s all a bit of a learning curve at the moment. I am enjoying being part of a wonderful team of caring individuals, and also being able to support the Clinic in the development of systems and infrastructure. My baptism into life at the Clinic included organising the clinic expansion and new signage in 2015, and we are all thrilled with the results.

    I love the odd adventure, and am looking forward to going to an art retreat in France later in 2016. That, my family, spending time with my friends and enjoying the beach are how I spend my precious leisure time.


    Robyn Mills Photo
  • Robyn McCalman
    Head Veterinary Nurse

    I have been working at MVC for 35 years! I was born and bred in Murwillumbah and am married to Ron. I have 2 adult children Carolyn and Craig, five grandchildren and a large extended (and extremely social) family. I enjoy cooking for family nights in but also enjoy going out to dinner.

    We live out at Condong on a property where I lived as a child and we run cows and greyhounds. I have been involved with greyhounds for over 30 years and we race (reasonably successfully) and breed them. My knowledge in this area comes in handy at work too!

    I started working at MVC with the previous owners while my children were at school, at first doing afternoon work then as they got older I moved to full time work both in the office and nursing. Since Steph and Joan took over I have watched the place grow and change in great strides.I am happy to admit I was a bit nervous about what those changes might be after working with the same people for so long!

    I am now the head surgical nurse at the clinic. I do admissions, pre meds for surgery, assist the vets during surgery and ensure the recovery of your pet after. I also do the ordering for the clinic so if there is something we don't carry come in and talk to me. As the clinic has grown, keeping on top of inventory is difficult and I am having to learn new computing skills - just goes to show you CAN teach old dogs new tricks!

    I still love working with the animals here and the rest of the staff are like extended family to me now after so many years together. Its lovely to work somewhere where just about every face that comes in the door is someone you know. This is one of the delights of living in such a great Australian country town.

    image 8
  • Bronwyn Burton
    Head Receptionist

    I grew up on a remote farm in central New South Wales so my animal experience began early and included a lot of sheep!

    I have been married to my husband Ted for 38 years and have a son, a daughter and 3 grandkids. We have lived on our property at Kielvale since 1982. 

    I have worked at Murwillumbah Vet Clinic for over 25 years and I have seen a lot of changes and now consider myself part of the furniture! What I love most about working here is interacting with the farmers and getting to share the lives of our client's pets from birth to death. I like the staff parties and outings a fair bit too!! We are a pretty sociable lot in here.

    You might also recognise me from the Tweed Jockey Club where I have worked on race days for over 25 years too. As you can see I am a bit of a stayer.

    My hobbies include breeding all kinds of birds and fowl from tiny wrens to blue egg laying chooks, peacocks and guinea fowl. This has given me a bit of a reputation for being the 'bird expert' at the clinic.

    I love my Collie Cross and cats too and am pretty keen on snakes and Aussie wildlife and tropical fish. Actually I really enjoy fishing too especially for bass and luderick.

    I always joke they won't get rid of me from the vet clinic until I am carried out in my coffin!

    image 6
  • Rebecca Kirkman
    Senior Veterinary Nurse

    I joined the team in May 2009 after 8 years vet nursing experience on the Darling Downs. The staff and clients at MVC have made me feel very welcome. 

    Nurses are really 'hands on' here and this adds to my experience and training to help to make me even better at my job. Everyone in our clinic is really encouraged to take part in continuing education and I have completed a radiology course and one in pathology.

    One of my favourite parts of the job is being able to reassure worried pets and make them feel more secure in a stressful situation. I feel this is an aspect of vet nursing that I do very well and I can let owners know that their pet is in safe and caring hands and will be comfortable while at our clinic.

    I run the Puppy Preschool classes here at MVC and new classes are starting all the time. It is great to have the chance to set little puppies off on the right foot towards a long, happy and healthy life and let's face it, who wouldn't love a job where you can hang out with puppies!

    Some of my hobbies are traveling, particularly camping under the stars in the bush all around this great country we live in. I enjoy creating woodwork items and have made fabulous chairs and tables and even some works of art. Photography is another passion and this takes me to all sorts of places looking for the perfect shot!

    My husband David and I purchased the Uki Supermarket in 2010 and so plan to stick around this area for a long time. I find the people in this region very open and friendly and am grateful to the clinic for giving me so much opportunity for growth. I do what I love, and I love what I do. Who can ask for more than that!

    image 12
  • Rachel Hurst
    Senior Veterinary Nurse

    I have worked at Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic since 2003, starting just after Joan and Steph took over as a volunteer student and working my way up to a more senior position .

    All the staff at MVC are wonderful people, we are more like a second family than just workmates. I work mostly in the hospital kennel area, directly with the inpatients and recovering surgery patients, keeping them comfortable and clean and warm.

    I am also in charge of surgical nursing when Robyn has her Fridays off or is on holiday.

    We really are a team here though and everyone helps each other as needed being ready to turn our hand to most tasks. Vet clinics commonly have emergencies requiring all hands on deck at any time.

    I always knew I wanted to work with animals. My first job was at a pet store called ‘Noah's Bark'. I worked there for around seven months until the shop was sold.

    I volunteered for Friends of the Pound shortly after that and have maintained my interest in animal welfare ever since. I particularly find it a rewarding experience when former pound animals are desexed here, recover and go home to their loving new owners.

    I have completed Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

    image 14
  • Helen Gorton
    Veterinary Nurse and Receptionist

    A lot of clients will probably recognise me from my other employment as a dental nurse upstairs at Biltoft's dentist.

    It's an extra treat to help you again with your animals downstairs especially if you have any insurance queries or a puppy I can cuddle!!

    Of course my passion has always been animals and so I was thrilled when I was asked to join the clinic as a receptionist in April 2008.

    I have an extensive knowledge of horses. Since a small child I have competed successfully in Pony Club, Agricultural Shows and even won at Royal Show level. My experience varies from riding and competing to judging and instructing. This eventually led me to become a riding instructor for 5 years with the Australian Racing Institute at the Cabarita Beach and Murwillumbah Campus. I was involved with teaching international students about all aspects of the racing industry from horse care to riding and this was where I met Joan and Steph. We had many a conversation while gelding a colt!!! 

    I have been involved with the racing industry for 30 years now, up early daily to ride track work and care for the horses, each horse having its own individual needs and I am still learning all the time.

    I don't have much free time but I am keen on keeping fit, lifting weights and running

    Since joining the team here at the clinic, every day is exciting and I am enjoying continuing to master new skills. Those skills now encompass many areas of veterinary nursing as well as front desk duties.

    At home my human family includes 2 wonderful daughters Lauren and Sheridan, while my animal family consists of  a cockatiel, 6 cows (including a gorgeous jersey cow!), 1 dog, 2 cats and, of course, my horses!

  • Tiffany Swift
    Veterinary Nurse

    From a very young age I have always had a love for animals.

    My very first pet was a pearl cockatiel called Pepsi who was always keen for a bike ride and my most current pet is a lovely puppy named Keisha.

    At the end of year 10 I signed up for a school based traineeship with Murwillumbah Vet Clinic which included a 2 year TAFE course in animal studies.

    I have my Certificate IV in Vet nursing and have recently completed my diploma in Veterinary Nursing.

    In my spare time I play inline hockey and enjoy going to the beach with my friends.

    I became 2014 Hills Vet Nurse of the Year on 10/10/14 at an award ceremony is Sydney. It is an honour to be recognised by the community at large and my fellow vet nurses.







  • Lisa O'Brien
    Senior Veterinary Nurse

    I grew up on a 400 acre turf farm in the Lockyer Valley which also ran Hereford cattle. We were never without a menagerie of pets including the family dog "Zac" the German Shepherd, many farm cats, poddy calves, sheep, horses, pigs and chooks. I knew from an early age I wanted to work with animals and was fortunate to find my husband (local Master Farrier Andrew O'Brien) shared a similar passion.

    My first job as a Veterinary Nurse was at the Saleyards Veterinary Clinic in Gunnedah NSW where I gained my practical knowledge whilst undertaking my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing through Tamworth TAFE. Soon after completing my certificate we moved to the Sunshine Coast where I worked at Maroochydore Vet Clinic for two years before moving again to Ipswich and working at Moreton Vet Hospital until 2008.

    Finding our property at Uki was a dream come true where my husband and I feel we have truly found 'home'. We absolutely love the area and feel blessed to be able to raise our three children here. Alec is seventeen, Ella fifteen and our youngest, Lily, is five years old. We have a dog named 'Bill', a gorgeous Burmese named 'Selene', eleven cows, five horses, two budgies, two lovebirds, loads of fish...

    The team at Murwillumbah Vet Clinic really are like a family which I'm very grateful to be a part of. Everyone is truly dedicated to providing high quality care to the patients we see and have a genuine interest and care in their wellbeing. I also love the emphasis on continuing education and really enjoyed the recent Veterinary Nurse Conference in Brisbane.  


    All of this keeps me very busy but I manage to squeeze in some swimming, running and cycling and try to make it to the club triathlons on a Saturday morning. I also enjoy yoga, reading, bushwalking, travelling and camping with my family.


    Lisa profile pic2
  • Dionne Evans
    Vet Nurse


    Hi, I am Dionne and live on 2 acres in the Hinterland with my husband, Nick and our cattle x kelpie rescue girl Maxi. Nick and I returned from living in England for two years in November 2013. This made for perfect timing to start training for a long wanted career change from the clothing industry to becoming a Qualified Veterinary Nurse.

    In November 2014 I completed my Certificate II in Animal Studies. Then in February 2015 I started at Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic as a volunteer trainee nurse while studying Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing at Lismore TAFE. At the end of 2015 I finished the course successfully!

    Now, I am fortunate enough to have been employed at Murwillumbah Vet Clinic as part of the Vet Nurse team. This has given me the opportunity to teach puppy preschool at the clinic too, which I love. Being a mixed practice makes for a wonderful place to work. The staff are a great team, friendly, professional and happy to share their knowledge, which they have a lot of.

    My enthusiasm for animals has been one that has grown over the years. I have a soft spot for dogs and love the range of companion animals out there. I like learning about all animals, they are so amazing! I have volunteered at Animal Welfare League and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.


    I am looking forward to the years ahead learning more about different areas of vet nursing, animal welfare and how best to care for all the beloved animals and pets out there. Hope to meet you all soon.


  • Lisa Wickbold
    Vet Nurse


    After a career in the music and arts industry and living overseas (and Brisbane!), my partner and I built our dream home in the beautiful foothills of Mt Warning in 2007 and started a family.   I started volunteering at Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic in July 2013 when I commenced studying my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing,

    Now as a qualified nurse, I love my role at Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic where I get to work closely with both our patients and their owners. 

    The learning and working environment is wonderful, with all staff so happy to share their knowledge and experience, and in the meantime I feel I’ve made some great friends too.   We have two dogs at home, a very charming Airedale Terrier, and his best mate, a Schnoodle.   They've both successful graduates of the MVC puppy pre-school (as am I)!.  

    I feel very privileged to work at a practice such as this, where striving for excellence is an everyday goal - whether that be in practicing medicine, customer service, patient well-being or even workplace health and safety.


    Outside of work, our kids keep us very busy - and I try to maintain a modicum of fitness to balance out my love of eating out!




  • Maddy Wylie
    Trainee Vet Nurse

    My name is Madalyn Wylie and I am a trainee at Murwillumbah vet clinic. I have been with the clinic since 2015 on a school based traineeship going ahead in year 10 along with my Animal studies Cert ll, starting off with a couple of afternoons a week to now full days in the clinic, I live on a farm just outside of Condong with everything from Cows, dogs, cats, Birds, fish even ducks.

    I have been involved with the clinic since a young age with my Nan being head vet nurse I have grown up begging Joan to let me do jobs for her so I didn’t have to go to swimming training after school.

    In 2016 I travelled Europe and was chosen to read the honour roll at the annual Anzac day ceremony in Villers-Bretonneux France which was broadcasted across the nation it was the experience of a lifetime.

    I Look forward to furthering my knowledge within the clinic through help from the amazing team around me and I hope I get to meet you and all your fur/feather-babies soon. 

    Maddy 7
  • Rashell O'Hara
    Volunteer - trainee Vet Nurse

    My name is Rashell, I'm a trainee studying Animal studies and would love to get my qualifications in Captive animals so I can work in a wildlife sanctuary or zoo. I have 5 cats, Harley, Lexi, Sooky, Odin and Carla, and as naughty as they are, I can't help but love them. I've been working at Murwillumbah Vet Clinic since 2015 and love working with the team. It's an awesome and very interesting place to learn and practice.

  • Our Volunteers
  • Yvette Brown
    Nurse Volunteer

    It's hard to believe, but I have been a volunteer at M.V.C for 33 years! 

    I enjoy helping the animals as well as their owners and feel very much part of the Murwillumbah Vet Clinic family.  It is always a lot of fun when the staff from the vet clinic get together outside of work and I love to be involved with the social activities such as the Brisbane boat cruise.  Our farm has played host to the Christmas party and several "steamboat" dinners over the years.

    I have been working in veterinary clinics since age 14 and I find it both very interesting and at times very challenging. I have a keen interest in animal welfare and to this end I am a foster carer for Friends of the Pound and a life member of this charity and the RSPCA.

    A dog "Tess" and cats, "Cleo", "Kat" and "Zeus", plus rabbits, chooks and cows make up my menagerie at home.  Oh, and my husband Allan and children Andrew (12) and Daniel (9) also keep me busy.

    My non-animal interests include belly dancing, art, reading, fishing, and I love to find a bargain at an op shop!


    image 24
  • Jorja McLeod
    Volunteer - trainee Vet Nurse

    From a very young age and growing up on a farm with all types of animals, I have always loved the company and being around animals. I also wanted to become involved in caring for them and to help make a difference to their lives.

    I started volunteering at the Vet Clinic on the 15th of February 2013 to carry out my ambition to become a Professional/Qualified Cat and Dog Groomer and a Qualified Veterinary Nurse.

    I am Qualified in Certificate II Animal Studies, Certificate III Companion Animals, Qualified Dog Groomer and Currently studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

    In May 2014, I attended a 4 week course at the Victorian College of Dog Grooming, which encouraged me to start my own business within the Dog Grooming Industry, my business name is "Pets with Pawsonality Professional Dog Grooming Service". My salon is located at Dunbible which is about 10 minutes out of Murwillumbah and 5 minutes from Stokers Siding. I am also the Groomer on Friday's at the Vet Clinic.      

    The Team of Vets and Nurses are very professional and ensure that I will get the best understanding and knowledge possible to enhance my desire for learning the correct procedures.

    As for my Hobbies/Interests, I enjoy horse and motorbike riding, cattle work/farm work, op shopping, listening to music, art and spending time with family and friends.


  • Melana
    Volunteer - trainee Vet Nurse

    Hi, my name is Melana Oakes.

    I started volunteering at the Murwillumbah vet clinic in October 2012, at the time I was doing Certificate II in Animal Studies, continuing my studies and getting my Certificate III in companion animals and have continued my studies with Certificate IV in vet Nursing.

    I currently am a registered Breeder of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and have a range of rabbit breeds that I breed to sell for pets, breeders and for showing, I have a multitude of pets at my place including 4 dogs, 27 rabbits, 2 cats, some chickens and a turtle, put it all together with my 3 kids and I definitely have a busy household.