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02 6672 1918

X-rays are not just for looking at broken bones. We mostly think of x-rays as something to check if there is a broken bone, but x-rays can tell us so much more.

We use x-rays to examine the size, shape and position of organs in the body. We also use x-rays to check out if there is foreign material in the body - such as bladder stones, tennis balls or even bullets!

Sometimes we use a technique called contrast radiology to help us better determine what is going on inside our patients. This form of x-rays uses contrast medium given orally to our patients to highlight or contrast specific areas that may not show up very well with plain x-rays.

Murwillumbah Veterinary clinic has a state-of-the-art digital radiograph. This allows us to get the best possible images of your pet for accuracy of diagnosis. With our digital x-ray system you can even ask us for a USB or disc of the radiographs so you can have your own copy.