Top tips for our wonderful farmers - information on 3-day sickness

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Has she got 3 Day?

Lots of down cows, or poor doers are lumped in the 3 day sickness category… but does that mean she actually has it? And can you do something to stop the losses?

Meat and Livestock Australia estimates that 3 Day Sickness (also known as Bovine Ephemeral Fever or BEF) costs Australia producers around $100 million annually from production loss, condition loss, delays in marketing, bull sterility, and abortions. Here in Murwillumbah are likely to see cattle with 3 day sickness, especially around summer and autumn.

But what are the symptoms of BEF?

• Sudden onset fever

• Shivering and shaking

• Stiff muscles and lameness

• Drooling

• Tiredness and lethargy

• Decreased milk production in dairy cattle

• Abortion

• Bulls can become sterile

As the name suggests the symptoms of 3 day usually lasts 3 days – if the symptoms are going on for longer it probably isn’t BEF.

BEF is a virus spread by flying insects. There is no way of stopping insects getting on your property, only of stopping your stock contracting BEF through vaccination.

The “Webster’s BEF Vaccine” is Australian developed and made, and has proved effective in many trials over the past 30 years when cattle are correctly vaccinated with 2 separate doses. Producers in Murwillumbah area, especially those with valuable stud animals, diary herds, or targeting export markets are encouraged to talk to us at the clinic about vaccinating their herd for 3 Day Sickness.

BEF affected stock need to be supported through the 3 days of high fever, muscle pain, and lameness. This may involve anti-inflammatories, support feeding and intravenous fluids in some cases. If you think its 3 day, we can help, so give us a call for support.


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