This little piggy went to the Vet clinic.

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Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic
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NSW 2484

02 6672 1919
02 6672 1918

Mr Prickles has a wee problem.

This is the story of a wonderful little Guinea Pig named Mr Prickles.  He was brought into the clinic by a woman and her lovely daughter who were very concerned about Mr Prickles.  His owners had been very observant and had noticed that there was a bit of blood when Mr Prickles did a wee.

So, he came into the hospital for the Veterinary staff to diagnose his problem.  We managed to get a urine sample and had a look under the microscope.  Then we had to then take an X-ray to see what was going on.  We could see a very tiny stone in his bladder.  This is formed from a build-up of minerals and was causing him lots of pain and discomfort.

So, Mr Prickles had surgery to remove the little stone.  Everything went really well and he went home after he had recovered from his surgery.

He had been back to the clinic to have his stitches out and was doing really well.  His grateful family gave us a beautiful poster drawn by Charlize, thanking us for helping Mr Prickles.

He was happy at home and back with another little Guinea Pig who sometimes bosses him around a bit.  We hoped that now he was feeling better, they would get along well.

**Very, very sad update.  Sadly, Mr. Prickles came back with another bladder stone.  We took a quick X-ray to confirm this.  Unfortunately, once the bladder stone comes back it means that he will continue to get them.  It was a very difficult decision for his loving family, but it was decided to euthanase the lovely little fellow.  He was taken home to be buried in the garden where he can be remembered.

Mr. Prickles was loved so very much by his family and they want everyone to know that this is a serious problem that can affect guinea pigs.  Always make sure you can see that they are able to wee normally and if you notice anything unusual to ring the vet clinic for advice.

Rest in peace Mr. Prickles.  We will all miss you very much.

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