The benefits of Pet Insurance

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02 6672 1918

Pet Insurance can give you peace of mind if your pet becomes ill or is in an accident.  Staff at Murwillumbah Vet Clinic have seen all kinds of unexpected disasters involving peoples beloved pets.  When a family is faced with an emotional issue involving pets they love, the last thing they want to consider at the time is the cost of treatment.  Sadly, not everybody has spare money to cover these treatments. 

We wish that Medicare for dogs and cats existed, but it doesn't.  If you have pet insurance, this means we can focus on patient health and treatment and not miss out on anything due to the cost. 

Because the staff at Murwillumbah Vet Clinic are passionate about their work, we all encourage people to take out pet insurance.  The reason for this is that we adore animals and hate to see them suffer too. 

The costs of running a Veterinary Practice are much higher than you might imagine.  We are lucky to have a superb crew of highly skilled Vets and Nurses, lots of high-tech equipment and machines that go ping!  There have been times when we know we could treat an animals problem, (illness or accident) but the cost of such treatment is simply unaffordable for the pet owner.  Sadly, sometimes euthanasia is the only option left. 

Many people, when faced with an unexpected emergency, will ask if they can pay off the bill.  This is a delicate subject and is often faced at a time when pet owners are in a highly emotional state.  Whilst we try in some cases to help wherever we can with other methods of support including credit agencies, if we allowed this for everyone, we would soon have to close the clinic.  So, although we receive no personal benefit from people insuring their pets, it does allow us to do the job we were trained for and gives you the opportunity to treat your pet in the "gold standard" way.

Because we know the benefits of pet insurance, we are offering an incentive for people to take up pet insurance.  During the month of January, Murwillumbah Vet clinic is offering some great deals.  Come in and ask the friendly staff to find out more.  You will receive an exciting reward if you call in and show us your pet's insurance papers.


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