Spring is breeding season for cats

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Springtime is prime breeding season for cats.  If you own a cat, please consider de-sexing your cat now.  At this time of year, we see many unwanted pregnancies resulting in many kittens being born.  The pound overflows with kittens and sadly they are not always able to find new homes.  Once a cat has given birth, they are ready to mate again.  This results in another wave of kittens being born around Christmas time.  This is when people are on holidays and are not looking to purchase a new pet, so re-homing from the pound becomes nearly impossible.

Some people consider giving a pet as a Christmas present, but this often ends badly for the new owner and pet.  Taking on a new pet is a big responsibility and is not to be taken lightly. 

Please help to keep the number of stray or unwanted cats down by de-sexing your cat, keeping them safely indoors to prevent breeding and fighting and think of a nice present to give that does not involve a living animal with great needs.

If you are going away at Christmas time, consider leaving your pet with a boarding kennel instead of with friends.  We often see people caring for their friends pet and when an accident or illness occurs, they suddenly find they don't know what to do or they are faced with Vet bills and have to act on behalf of owners.  The person who presents an animal to us at the Vet Clinic is the one responsible for paying the bill.  Just something to think about prior to the holiday season!

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