Party time – how to avoid Christmas pain from left-over ham!!

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We all love to party and eat lots of yummy food at Christmas time, but did you know that your pet can get very sick from enjoying the left-overs?  At this time of year, we see a lot of dogs coming through the door with a bad tummy ache.  Just a small amount of ham can make your pet sick.  It is very high in salt and fat.

Because there is a very high amount of fat in ham, this can cause a condition known as pancreatitis.  The pancreas is responsible for helping the body break down fat.  Recovery is usually good after treatment (which may involve a stay in hospital), but is much better avoided by not allowing your pet to get at the scraps after a Christmas party. 

Don’t let your pet be one of the victims of this party season pain.  Keep the food out of reach and don’t let your friends slip them food under the Christmas table.  They will thank you for avoiding some serious tummy trouble.

Other Christmas goodies that can cause problems are chocolate, macadamia nuts and Christmas pudding (contains raisins which are no good for dogs).  Whole nuts can be swallowed and cause an obstruction in the stomach.

Also, keep in mind that Christmas flower displays can contain lily’s which are highly toxic to cats.

Have a great party season and all the best for the New Year ahead.


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