Lucky Little Gracie

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Lucky Little Gracie

For many pet owners, the following story will be familiar…  Gorgeous Gracie was adopted as a sweet and fluffy little pup.  Her mum had just lost her previous dog to a terrible illness and just hated her empty house.  Gracie bounced around the house filling it with life and noise again.  Gracie grew up, got desexed, she hurt her legs, visited neighbours, and curled up on the couch to watch Lateline.  All normal doggy things…she and her mum were happy.

Then one day, in the early hours of the morning, something was different.  Gracie was extremely sick.  She was suffering terrible gastro, was weak and painful.  Her devoted owner called the clinic and drove there in the early morning.  Gracie needing a drip and blood tests, she even needed surgery…with a lot of veterinary care she got over her illness.

This was not the end.  The blood tests had shown that Gracie may have another issue as well.  She needed to go to the specialist centre for ultrasounds, and complicated blood tests…poor Gracie and her mum had more veterinary visits and vet bills to face.

Gracie’s owner had a secret weapon against vet bills…a means of making sure all this essential veterinary care was affordable - SHE HAD PET INSURANCE.

Thanks to her owner’s previous experience, and the prompting of her veterinarian Gracie was insured.  All this thousands of dollars worth of treatment and test cost only the excess.  To look at her now you would never know that Gracie almost died that night, but I bet you can tell her owner is grateful she chose pet insurance.


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