Information for Guinea Pig owners - Part Three

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02 6672 1918

Guinea Pig Vet Visits made simple


Taking your guinea pig to the vet for an annual health check does not have to be stressful.  This article will give some top tips on making a visit low stress as possible for you and your cavy.

Transport tips:

  • A box with a top opening, filled with bedding material (take some from their hutch or bed so it has a bit of home smell) will make transport simpler for you and less stressful for your cavy. Bringing in their hutch mate can also decrease the “shock of the new.”
  • Do not transport with food or water in the transport box, but make sure that you bring some of their favourite foods to the clinic. We can quickly accustom your guinea pig to being examined if we can give them food rewards while at the clinic (this is a tip from zoo vets and trainers that can be applied to guinea pigs with ease).

What to bring with your guinea pig:

  • Bring a sample of faeces with you so that we can examine it for indicators of gut function.
  • Bring a list of every day foods, and treat foods you feed your guinea pig.
  • Bring with you any medications that you give your guinea pig, as well as any supplements so we can make sure they are safe and adequate for maintaining health.
  • A few hutch photos can be emailed to the clinic or brought in. This is so we can get an idea of their lifestyle and housing.

What will the vet do:

  • The vet will check your guinea pigs vital signs. These include heart rate, gum colour, respiratory rate,  and body temperature.
  • Examination of the abdomen by palpation to check for pain, urinary stones, growths and genital changes.
  • Coat examination for parasites, and scurvy-associated changes
  • They will also examine the teeth of your guinea pig with a special scope to determine dental health (tooth issues are one of the most common problems for pet cavies).
  • They will also look at the faeces, food lists, medications, and supplements you have brought with you and your guinea pig.

A visit will take approximately 20minutes. Depending on the reason you are coming in, and our exam findings further testing may also be part of the visit.

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