Good news for old friends

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Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic
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02 6672 1918

Good News for Old Friends

The good news is that we love them our old Faithful friends. One of the lovely gifts being a vet gives you is the opportunity to know these old dogs and see the love between them and their owners.

I remembered this poem today and wanted to share it, as well as some pictures of a few of the old dogs we love at Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic.


A Faithful Dog Will Play With You

And Laugh With You -Or Cry,

He'll Gladly Starve To Stay With You

Nor Ever Reason Why.


And When You're Feeling Out Of Sorts

Somehow He'll Understand,

He'll Watch You With His Shining Eyes

And Try To Lick Your Hand.


His Blind, Implicit Faith In You

Is Matched By His Great Love,

The Kind That All Of Us Should Have

In The Master Up Above.


When Everything Is Said And Done

I Guess This Isn't Odd,

For When You Spell "Dog" Backwards

You Get The Name Of God.


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