Anxiety in pets

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Did you know that pets suffer from fear and anxiety too? The effects of this can be very mild or extremely serious and can range from barking or hiding to destroying the place!!

 We are committed to helping you identify the causes of anxiety for your pet such as:

* Boredom

* Separation anxiety

* Trips in the car

* Storm phobia

* Fireworks

 Have you noticed your pet showing any of these signs?

* Pacing around

* Panting

* Chewing things when you are out

* Inability to concentrate

* Barking excessively

* Knowing when a storm is coming and hiding during storms

* Anxiety when fireworks are on

* Stressing out when riding in the car

 What can we do to help you?

* We will discuss the problems your pet is facing so we have an understanding of the whole situation. We will examine your pet to check there are no other illnesses.

* Many things help to reduce these anxiety levels and we will tailor a plan to address each situation.


Below are some of the solutions we will discuss with you:

* Thundershirt

* Natural medications

* Anti-anxiety medications

* Toys

* Exercise

* Training

* Dap – pheremone

Come in and see us to discuss your pets anxiety and we will be there to help.

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