ALERT - Parvo virus detected!!

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This is an important alert for dog owners in the Tweed Valley.  PARVO VIRUS has been detected in our region!!  This is a devastating virus that can be prevented with Vaccination.  Most dog owners are aware that this deadly virus exists, but despite this, we still see the occasional outbreak. 

Please contact the Vet Clinic if you are unsure if your pet is protected through Vaccination.  Mostly, puppies require 2 or 3 Vaccines as a start (depending on their age) and then yearly Vaccinating is required to keep up the protection.

Parvo virus can kill within 24 hours!!  The virus can also live in the ground for an extended period of time.  The virus can be transported in many ways including driving through the shed virus (infected faeces of a parvo positive dog) and bringing the virus home on your car tyres!!  Most viruses die off the host, but Parvo is a particularly strong virus.  It is highly contagious.

Parvo virus causes lethargy, loss of appetitie, severe vomiting and foul-smelling diarrhoea and as the virus attacks rapidly dividing cells, it mainly affects the intestinal tract.  Many dogs will die due to dehydration as you can't replace these losses quickly enough.

Contact us now to ensure your best friend is protected against this potentially fatal virus.  Click here to access the contact page for Murwillumbah Vet Clinic. 


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