What breed should I get?

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02 6672 1918
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We often see people who have chosen a breed of dog that may not be ideally suited to the lifestyle they live. 

We thought it a good idea to let everyone know that we are happy to give advice before you purchase a new pet. 

Often behavioural problems exist because pets are bored and because they are not in the environment that best suits the breed.  

For example, a quiet person or family living in a unit or small house in town should think very carefully before choosing a working breed (such as Kelpie, Border Collie or Cattle Dog).  This is because, over many years, these guys have been bred to WORK all day long.  They need to exercise their minds and bodies enough to satisfy their needs.  If these needs are not met, then dogs get bored. 

Bored dogs have to then invent something to keep their minds active - this can then involve chewing, digging, escaping, barking etc.  

There are many things to consider when purchasing a new pet.  Some of these include:

- the size of your yard

- your activity level

- the amount of exercise and mental stimulation you can provide

- the age of members of the family

- how much grooming does the breed require?

- do you have secure fencing?

- what size dog do you want to have?


We are here to help.  PLEASE come in and talk to our friendly staff before you purchase a new best friend.  We can tell the the dog that best suits your lifestyle.  

All too often we see the issues that develop down the track and these can likely be prevented by choosing the breed that is right for you.


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