Spring Cleaning time!

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At Murwillumbah Vet Clinic, we think now is the time for a Spring clean.  The weather is warming up now and it is a great time to think about all the parasites that love this time of year.

We can expect to see a lot more Snakes around (we have already had quite a few Snake bite cases in just recently).

In the Tweed Valley, our warm, humid weather is perfect for Fleas and Paralysis Ticks. 

Fleas can cause big problems and due to their complex breeding cycle, you have to continue to be vigilant all year round or you can find flea eggs still hatching out for many many months after you think you have defeated them!  It is vital that all pets in the household are treated regularly to prevent and / or kill fleas as recommended by each product manufacturer.

Paralysis ticks are around throughout the year, and we do treat cases every month, but with the warmer weather, we know we will see many more cases.  Speak to the staff about the best way to avoid tick paralysis for your pet.  There are many products on the market and we will help sort out which one suits you best. 


Spring cleaning also involves making sure you clean out internal parasites.  Gastrointestinal worms can make your cat or dog sick and can be really devastating for young animals who have got nothing to fall back on if these parasites take hold.  Some types of worms can cause blindness and cysts in the brains or other organs of people too!!  This is a major health risk for younger children in the household who come into close contact with pets licking their hands and faces.  All people in the family should wash their hands after touching your pets to help avoid the spread of these internal parasites.  The best advice is to regularly worm ALL pets in the household.  There are many effective products on the market and we can help find the one that is best for you.

So, lets all enjoy Spring time without pests causing any problems.  You have to love this time of year.  Clear days and cool nights!  Ahhh, life in the Tweed Valley.

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