Merry Christmas from Uki

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02 6672 1918

Hello from Uki and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

2017 has been another big year here.  As of 31 st December I will have sold my share of the clinic.  Obviously lots of mixed feelings there but the time was right.  This was basically due to my autoimmune disease and the fact that I can’t do my job without pain plus the stress of running a clinic causes disease flare ups.  At this stage I am not able to do anything else other than look after Gabi and run the household a bit more to free Tony up for more outside farm work. Later I will see how things are and I may rethink my career!

Gabi is going well at school, particularly in music and is continuing to swim at regional level.  Tony is fit as a fiddle,still climbing the mountain and doing Pilates regularly. He has almost finished his shed! Only plumbing to go.

The three of us had a great holiday for my 50th,catching up with friends and Tony’s family. Time is always too short to see everyone but we really enjoyed what we fitted in.

The clinic threw me a surprise party before we went which was lovely.

Our pets are well, Horrie has passed his 19 th birthday and has kidney failure and is totally blind but still has great quality of life thanks to medication and special diets.

We hope you are all well and happy and send our love.

Steph, Tony and Gabi.

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