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We would like you to meet Pete.  He is a great little cat who we saw recently at the clinic.  He had a run in with a snake over at Kingscliff.  It is suspected that it was a Small-Eyed Snake he came across.  His owner was away and he was being looked after by carers.  We were able to contact the owner via email and received consent for diagnostics and treatment.  Initially, the carer noticed Pete coughing and making choking sounds, but then he seemed ok.  After a couple of days, his condition worsened.

When he presented at the clinic, he was dehydrated and could stand up (reluctantly) but was happier just to flop down on his side.  It turned out his muscles were breaking down due to the snake bite.

He was placed on fluids and the Veterinary team placed a Naso-Gastric feeding tube to keep up his nutrition.  He was given sedation to cope with this and to stop him being stressed at not being able to move around.

His recovery continues and while he did go home briefly with the carer, he is now back in hospital.  This is because he was not keeping still at home and was jumping around too much.  This could prove too much for his body to cope with and he must have strict rest.

He is getting loads of attention from our Nurses.  He has regular brushes and massages and cuddles and is eating LOTS.  We are providing him with the right kind of nutrition to boost his little body back up.  He attended our staff meeting the other day, where he found himself sitting on Dr Stephanie's lap getting heaps of cuddles and massages.

Thanks to his owner for allowing us to present his case to you all on our website.  We know how important it is to advise people that there are snakes in the area and to be on the look out for any unusual symptoms.

At Murwillumbah Vet Clinic, we have all fallen in love with Pete and are monitoring his progress closely.  



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