Free Urinalysis Testing during October and November

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During October and November, we are offering free Urinalysis at Murwillumbah Vet Clinic.  This pathology service can be useful in highlighting all sorts of medical conditions.  If you think your pet is drinking too much water or has had a change in urination habits, then a urinalysis can show evidence of conditions such as diabetes or kidney issues.  If we discover anything abnormal in the urine test, we will then advise you if we recommend your pet see the Vet for further diagnostics.  Please mention this special and bring in a sample as soon after catching as possible.  A clean takeaway container will do the job.

This story is from a couple of years ago.  One of our lovely little patients named “Happy” had a wee problem (literally!!). His owners had noticed that he had some blood in his urine and that he was not eating his dinner as well as normal. He also seemed to react if you touched him around the back end and had been panting a bit.

After some investigation with a urine sample and having a feel of his bladder by feeling his abdomen, we took an X-Ray and could see a great big stone in his bladder!!

Happy went into surgery to have the stone removed and it was huge. Dogs can sometimes get bladder stones from eating a diet that is high in minerals. In this case, he had been eating cat food which is higher in minerals. Sometimes they are associated with a urinary tract infection too.

Happy had a course of antibiotics and pain relief and is now recovering well, although he is not so keen on eating his new diet which is not cat food. A couple of weeks after his surgery, he will go onto a new diet which helps to prevent the formation of these crystals.



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