Meet our Vets' new dog "Angel"

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*****Latest news** - May 2013 Angel now weighs 27.60kg.  Look at her now!!                 


March 2013 Angel is now 29.70 kg.  Congratulations on her amazing weight loss.  Her life will be happier now with less risk of Arthritis, Heart Disease and her general fitness is improved.

Feb. 2013 - Angel has reached an acceptable weight now (31kg) and was desexed today 13th Feb.  She is feeling so much better now that she is not carrying around the extra weight any more.  She can now run up the hill, jump into the car by herself and is much fitter and able to cope with playing games with the family.  Her arthritis symptoms are greatly reduced and she has been getting a series of injections of a new drug called Synovan which helps improve joint mobility.  Quite a few of our arthritic patients have tried this new drug (given as a short course of injections) and we are seeing some great success and happier animals.*****

ORIGINAL STORY - Meet our lovely new dog Angel. She is a 4 year old undesexed female golden labrador who weighed 41kg when we got her!!!!  Prior to this, she weighed 55kg.

My family adopted her from Friends of the Pound who took her and her mate on when her previous owners changed circumstances meant he had to give his dogs up. By the time we adopted her she had been living at Yvette Brown’s boarding kennels for 11 weeks. Under Yvette’s wonderful care and with the sponsorship of Royal Canin providing her obesity control diet she had already lost 14kg!!!!

Unfortunately Angel’s obesity means she is already extremely arthritic in her elbows. When we first brought her home she couldn’t jump in or out of the car, climb our steep driveway or keep up with Storm our 10 year old 26kg desexed male black lab!!!! She is also currently too heavy for me to desex safely. However I have taken blood samples to make sure she can have anti inflammatories and started her on these and injections of synovan to help ease her pain.Now she is comfortable enough to run and play with a ball on the beach. As she loses weight I am hoping she will have less need of these drugs.

Angel is especially fond of Gabriella, my 4 year old daughter and is truly one of the sweetest natured dogs I have ever met. Gabi has successfully taught her to sit on command!!!!

I have a goal weight for Angel of between 28 and 30kg and I will be letting you all know how we are progressing on this difficult journey to get an obese lab to lose weight.

Dr Steph

Angels weight loss progress:

28th October - 41kg

9th November - 40.75kg

23rd November - 39.17kg

4th December - 37.98kg

18th December - 34.37kg

11th January - 33.80kg.  DOING SO WELL!!!!!


22nd February - 30.02kg - Stitches out today - Angel has recovered really well from her surgery.

14th March - 29.70kg.- that is over 25% of her bodyweight.  WOW!!







Left: "Angel" is now less than 30kg!!

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