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Murwillumbah Veterinary Clinic
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02 6672 1919
02 6672 1918
Celebrate Easter

Easter is coming soon.  Just a quick reminder that CHOCOLATE IS BAD FOR PETS!!  

We as humans, love chocolate.  But it is vital not to let your pets have any.  

Chocolate contains theobromine which has toxic effects for your pet.  Even very small quantities can be toxic.  It can cause panting, vomiting or diarrhoea, increased thirst, racing heart rate.  

At its worst, it can cause seizures, muscle tremors and even heart failure.  If you find your pet has come across your supply of chocolate and eaten it, it is vital to contact a Vet as soon as possible.  

While there is no specific treatment, Intravenous fluids will help to "flush out" the toxins and help your pet to have the best chance of recovery.  If it was ingested recently, your Vet may induce Vomiting.  If seizures are present, then steps will be taken to control seizures based on how the animal appears.

For emergencies after hours please contact the clinic by phone on (02) 6672 1919 and listen to the recorded message. This will advise you who to contact during an emergency.

For other information about nearby emergency contacts, please click here.

We hope everyone enjoys the Easter Break. Stay safe and keep your chocolate away from your pets to avoid them becoming sick. Best to just eat it yourself.

Murwillumbah Vet clinic will be closed for four days from Friday the 30th Match to Monday the 2nd April for Easter.

The Murwillumbah Vet Clinic will also be closed for Anzac Day on Wednesday the 25th April.



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