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Wallaby recovers well.


This sweet little Red-necked wallaby named "Hijinx" has recovered well after being involved in a terrible accident on the road.  His mother was found dead on the side of the road by a good client of ours.  She was clever enough to check inside the pouch and found "Hijinx".  He was hairless, but his little eyes were open.  We immediately placed him in the capable hands of a Tweed Valley wildlife carer and he has done remarkably well.  He even has some other young wallabies to socialise with.  We hope that eventually be released back in the wild near the area he was found.  If you find a dead marsupial on the side of the road, always check their pouch for live young.  Bring mother and baby in together if the baby is still attached to the mothers nipple as forced removal may damage the mouth parts of the baby.  Never be tempted to rear these animals yourself as it is a job for the experts.

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Alexanders story


Alexander came into the vet clinic suffering from a paralysis tick.  He was seen by the vet and given some tick antiserum and some fluids under the skin.

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This month, one of our lovely little patients named “Happy” had a wee problem (literally!!). His owners had noticed that he had some blood in his urine and that he was not eating his dinner as well as normal. He also seemed to react if you touched him around the back end and had been panting a bit.

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Our first blog ever!



Welcome to my first blog for Murwillumbah Vet Clinic.  Some of you may have met me in the clinic or around town, but for those who haven't I am Dr. Lauren Porter, one of your friendly veterinarians.

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