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This is an important alert for dog owners in the Tweed Valley.  PARVO VIRUS has been detected in our region!!  This is a devastating virus that can be prevented with Vaccination.  Most dog owners are aware that this deadly virus exists, but despite this, we still see the occasional outbreak. 

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Meet Pete!


We would like you to meet Pete.  He is a great little cat who we saw recently at the clinic.  He had a run in with a snake over at Kingscliff.  It is suspected that it was a Small-Eyed Snake he came across.  His owner was away and he was being looked after by carers.  We were able to contact the owner via email and received consent for diagnostics and treatment.  Initially, the carer noticed Pete coughing and making choking sounds, but then he seemed ok.  After a couple of days, his condition worsened.

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Royal Canin kitten image

Springtime is prime breeding season for cats.  If you own a cat, please consider de-sexing your cat now.  At this time of year, we see many unwanted pregnancies resulting in many kittens being born.  The pound overflows with kittens and sadly they are not always able to find new homes.  Once a cat has given birth, they are ready to mate again.  This results in another wave of kittens being born around Christmas time.  This is when people are on holidays and are not looking to purchase a new pet, so re-homing from the pound becomes nearly impossible.

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New dental X-Ray machine

Dental im3 CR 2

Murwillumbah Vet Clinic now has a new Dental X-Ray machine.  We received some staff training and are very excited about being better able to help our patients in pain.  

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dental special small doglarge

Dental awareness

At Murwillumbah Vet Clinic, we take dental health seriously.  As in humans, rotten teeth can cause all kinds of issues with general health. 

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