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Senior pets


Book NOW for your pet’s FREE Senior Health Arthritis Assessment
We wouldn’t do this job if we didn’t love animals …

And we know the bond you have with your pet only strengthens as they grow older.

To re-assure you that your pet will avoid the pain of age-related arthritis, we’re providing a FREE Senior Pet Health  Arthritis Check during the months of June & July.

This free check will include:

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buddy dog coat

Warm dog coats

Murwillumbah Vet Clinic has a great range of dog coats.  During Winter, it is important that we look after our pets to keep them nice and warm.  We feel the cold and have all just dragged out the big doona and our warm coats to keep the cold Winter weather away.  Our pets are no different and dogs with short or long hair can feel the cold.

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dog 715545640

Has your dog or cat ever gone missing?  It can be very distressing for pet owners, who have lost their pet.  Microchipping is a great way to ensure that once your pet is found, they can be identified and returned home to you.

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Feline Enteritis outbreak

Love your pet.

Warning to all cat owners.  There has been an outbreak of Feline Enteritis in Sydney very recently.  We know that outbreaks like these do spread from one region to another and usually outbreaks in Sydney are later seen in our region.

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